Meet your guides

Hi, my name is Monique and I am happy to be one of your guides on your Silent Retreat. In daily life i am a yoga teacher in Gozo and I teach group classes, one-to-ones, yoga retreats and I offer teacher training courses for Yin Yoga and Meditation. I am Yoga Alliance certified and registered.

I love hiking, chanting and bringing people together to share practices. I tend to be quite active so I really value the quietness of our Silent Retreats. The fact I can do this together with my friend and colleague Michelle, makes these retreats extra special. For more about me

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a yoga teacher who lives on Gozo as well. I have been teaching yoga and meditation for the last nineteen years. It is my life, it is what I do. I offer classes, privates, retreats and trainings. Like Monique I am Yoga Alliance Certified and Registered. Find out more about my offerings on

I love living on this small island because we have a lot of space and silence. We thought it would be a great idea to harness that energy and create a space where others can come to sense the stillness within.

In my free time I love reading, weaving, dancing, cooking, hiking and long hot baths.